with Flo Sarlat


Having a newborn is not always easy.

 The Mum & Baby Postnatal Yoga Classes have been designed to help the new mothers get back in shape physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Yoga doesn't need to be complicated to be effective.

Doing Chair Yoga & Mindfulness is a fantastic way to keep a healthy body and a clear mind for people who don't want or have difficulty getting down on the floor


Having a body is sometimes difficult.

The Befriending Your Body classes have been designed to explore our body, understand how it works and become friends with it.

The chair yoga is a lifeline in these grim times, particularly helpful for me to see familiar faces and feel part of a group. It is tough when you live on your own and this helps put a bit of social contact and pleasure into the day, added to this are the helpful exercises and meditation.

Heather about chair yoga classes

Really enjoyed the session with Flo. It was just what I needed to start getting back to exercise after birth.

Jill about postnatal yoga classes

I really really enjoyed the first session and found Flo really accessible and engaging.

Body & Soul Young adult about Befriending your Body Classes

The class was great. Flo is very clear with her instructions. I like that she thinks of safety. Her manner is calm and friendly

Annie about chair yoga classes

Another lovely class from Florence yesterday. Bill and I really enjoyed taking part. Thank you for organising. I think it is essential to have these scheduled classes each week. They provide a focal point in an otherwise endless week during lockdown.

Mal & Bill about chair yoga classes

I liked the session and Flo's way of teaching a lot!

Body & Soul Young adult about Befriending your Body Classes

Thanks to Florence & you all at Elizabeth House for a lovely, gentle but very effective yoga class this morning. Came out relaxed but energised, ready for the rest of the day. Florence has a very gentle & encouraging teaching method & what I really liked is that you do not need much room to do the movements - just a chair - so great for those of us with limited space.

Sharon about chair yoga classes

Flo is wonderful and attentive. She is sensitive to each mother and her needs as well as the babies. Yoga seems to be a way of life to her and there is a great atmosphere at the class overall.

Amit about Postnatal Yoga Classes

I love the seated yoga class. I think the teacher is excellent. Very clear and safe. There is a nice variety of exercises as well.

Helen about chair yoga classes

I really enjoyed it I thought it was really informative and also enjoyable. I could've listened to her talk all day long she has such a soothing voice.

Body & Soul Young adult about Befriending your Body Classes