Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga classes in Totland Bay, Isle of Wight

Doing yoga after childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth are very strong experiences in a woman's life that leave the body sore and may also disrupt the mood.

Your experience may include:

  • feeling physically weak or in pain
  • feeling uncomfortable, distresses or ashamed of your body
  • feeling anxious, unsettled or close to tears
  • not being able to sleep or relax

If any of the above bothers you, then a postnatal yoga class may be helpful.

Practising yoga is a great way to get your strength back, relax, take time for yourself - in postnatal yoga classes the focus is on you - and connect with other mothers.


When to start practising

Postnatal Yoga classes are suitable for all new mothers, including those who have given birth by caesarean section.

Classes can be attended from six weeks after giving birth - 10 is the mother had a C-section.

However, it is important to obtain clearance from your doctor or midwife prior to beginning any post-pregnancy exercise programme.

Babies - aged 6 weeks to 10 months - are welcome. They share your mat: watching, sleeping, rolling around, and sometimes joining in with the poses

How is a postnatal class going?

I designed this postnatal yoga classes to help you get back in shape physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Each movement that you will make will allow you to work the various points of the body and mind that need specific attention after pregnancy:

  • Breathing exercises, specifically to lift the uterus,
  • Gentle abdominal exercises preserve the perineum while stimulating the abdominal wall,
  • Stretches to relax your legs, back and neck,
  • Gentle twists to relieve back pain,
  • Strengthening exercises to rebuild your core muscles
  • Relaxation meditation to feel calm and serene.

What to wear & what to bring

Props and mats are available for you in the studio.

Take everything you need for the comfort of your baby (a little cushion or a blanket, a few quiet toys).

You can park your pram or pushchair in the centre and bring your maxi-cosi in the studio.

Some mums wear baggy, loose-fitting bottoms and a t-shirt. Others wear tight stretchy leggings and tops. The only thing that matters is that you wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move in.

As you move through a class you can get warm so it’s good to wear clothes that keep you cool, but bring a jumper for relaxation, when the body rapidly cools down. Some people also bring socks for the relaxation phase.

Time, Venue & Cost


Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


Church Hall, The Broadway, Totland Bay PO39 0BW

The War Memorial Bus Stop located on The Broadway is very close to the Church Hall.

There is a car park next door and it is usually very easy to find parking on the street.


  • £10 for a single class
  • £50 for a pack of 6 classes