- Designed for people who have undergone surgery
or experienced back pain or any other trauma to joints -

- no scheduled classes in the coming month


The goal of this gentle Yoga class is to safely stay within the allowed ranges of postures while building core strength and gaining mobility.

How is a gentle yoga class going?

Gentle yoga takes place on the floor, on a chair or standing and you may use props such as bolsters, blankets, foam bricks and blocks so your body can be completely supported in a series of restorative postures.

Most of the time, classes include breathwork exercises to increase awareness of breathing and lung capacity.

At the end of the class, we always take the time to do a conscious relaxing.

Before starting a yoga practice, a general check-up with a doctor is recommended, especially for anyone who underwent surgery.

What do you need?

Comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement. Don't wear anything tight around the waist. This will bother your stomach during some of the bending or twisting movements.

It's also nice to be barefoot so you can move your ankles and toes freely.


The Country Garden
Church Hill
Totland Bay PO39 0ET

The Church Hill Bus Stop is right out of the door.

It's possible to park a car in the driveway of the property or outside along the street.

Costs and Booking

  • £10 for a single class
  • £50 for a pack of 6 classes

Booking required.